Healthy holiday thanks to undisturbed sleep and high-energy water

Positive energy for more vitality

Extensive modernisation measures at Hotel Auriga in accordance with the latest scientific findings promise healthy sleep and more vitality. Disruptive and harmful environmental influences have an increasingly tough time at Hotel Auriga. Ingo and Alexandra Strolz have created more space for a natural, healthy holiday for their guests. Refined spring water in accordance with the method of Dr. Hans Ellmauer flows through the entire hotel. Cosmic, terrestrial and electromagnetic rays and interfering fields hardly have a chance.

Why refined water feels good

Water is the foundation of all life. Water cools, refreshes, cleans, and grants power and energy. Good, natural spring water is fresh, healthy, rich in energy and often enhanced with minerals. However, many of these properties and positive information are lost on the path from the spring to the tap. In order to restore the natural structure of spring water in normal tap water, the water at Hotel Auriga is refined and enriched with positive information utilising a procedure by the Austrian quantum physicist Dr. Hans Ellmauer. Whether it’s the water from the tap, or the water in the pool and the spa area – energised water supplies the body’s cells with biological life energy and light. Drinking energetic water supports cleansing and detoxification, and it has a proven beneficial effect on body, mind and soul.

How does water refinement in accordance with Dr. Ellmauer work?

Water energetics according to the method of Dr. Hans Ellmauer, is achieved by information transfer. Biophysicists believe that water can retain information. There are techniques to mould the information on carrier substances such as metal, liquids or gems. The vibrations stored in the devices are passed on to the water during the application on or inside the water pipe. Hans Ellmauer uses a pipe with a special compound of precious metals for this; Ellmauer puts an information mat with Bach flowers around it. The information stored in the mat is transferred to the water during the application on or inside the water pipe. The water flows through the generator and receive the vibrations of the substances inside the mat around the pipe, thereby enhancing it with energy. The water changes neither chemically nor microbiologically. Nothing is added, nothing extracted.

Unwind properly and sleep better without electromagnetic pollution

Sleeping aids recovery and regeneration. Frequently, however, sleep is disturbed by so-called electromagnetic pollution. This is caused by electronic devices such as smartphones or tablets, and by wireless data connections like WLAN and Bluetooth. They create electromagnetic fields that can have a harmful effect on people and the environment. Thanks to Ellmauer technology, the stress of electromagnetic pollution, terrestrial and cosmic radiation is kept as low as possible throughout the entire Hotel Auriga, ensuring a fully relaxing holiday.