Spa Hotel in Lech am Arlberg

Elegant and spacious: Spa in the Hotel Auriga with pool, sauna, fitness & massages

Your spa hotel in Lech with one of the largest spas in the entire Arlberg region, perfect for your winter holiday. The Hotel Auriga in Lech: 1,125 sqm of peace, relaxation, recreation.

What could be better in winter than warming up again in the hot sauna or steam bath after a long day outside in the icy cold, fresh air? Swimming in the warm mountain water of the 22-metre indoor pool or letting yourself drift away? Relaxing with massages and wellness treatments or simply lying down on a chaise longue with a good cup of tea and watching the snowflakes floating outside?

The extremely spacious and atmospheric wellness and spa area of the Hotel Auriga in Lech is very spread out, so that everyone can find their own place of peace and relaxation. The pool, fitness and relaxation area are flooded with daylight. In the exclusive spa and wellness hotel at the Arlberg you can really enjoy yourself.

Wellness and Spa at the Hotel Auriga in Austria

SPA is capitalized here. The hotel’s guests can use the extensive spa offer of the wellness and fitness area:

  • Sauna area: Finnish sauna, herbal sauna, steam bath, brine steam bath and infrared cabin
  • Refreshment: ice grotto with ice waterfall, water treading in the Kneipp course and fresh air area
  • Indoor pool: 22-metre long pool in the centre of the Auriga Wellness Landscape with splash shower and floor bubble for massage effects. The pool is filled with mountain water and heated to a pleasant temperature
  • Bar in the spa: exquisite selection of herbal, fruit and black teas
  • Massages: extensive range of massages
  • Fitness: large daylight gym with modern equipment from Techno Gym
  • Rest and relaxation areas: a separate lounger for each guest. These are available in the relaxation room and around the lagoon pool with a view of the outside.
  • Stylish ambience: warm colours, noble design, atmospheric ambience
  • Wellness bag in the room with fluffy bathrobe and bath slippers
Exclusive spa area at the Arlberg
Relaxation at the lagoon pool

The unique, 22-m long lagoon pool is at the centre of the Auriga spa area. It is filled with only the clearest mountain water from Lech. Heated up to pleasant bathing temperatures, you’ll find the perfect option to swim and relax in the water here.

Waterfall shower and floor spring create tingly massages effects from above and below, while the large panorama windows let bright daylight into the pool area. There’s a particularly comfortable lounger available to each and every single Hotel Auriga guest. Let your thoughts run free and quietly observe snowflakes dancing from the sky. Could there be anything better than drifting in the water and enjoying the feeling of weightlessness?

Sauna area in the Hotel Auriga

Set sufficient time aside to explore the sauna area at the spa hotel Auriga during your winter holiday in Lech. You will find saunas and steam baths at different temperatures, such as a Finnish sauna, an herbal sauna, a steam bath, a brine steam bath and an infrared cabin.
Regular sauna sessions exercise the heart, blood vessels and metabolism. They also stimulate the bloody flow and cleansing of the skin. As a side effect, the immune system gets strengthened. It’s important to adhere to the sauna rules. Shower and dry off first. Make sure that your feet are warm. Now enter the sauna and drape a towel over the seating area. Sweat depending on type of sauna and preference, and treat yourself to intensive cooling-down afterwards. Use the ice grotto with ice waterfall, the Kneipp course for treading water and our fresh air area. After a break in the relaxation room you can go on to the next sauna session. Don’t forget to drink a lot during breaks!

Finnish Sauna

The classic among the sweat parlours with a temperature between 80 and 100° C. Sweat in dry air and enjoy the fragrance of wood. Infusions offer particular wellness.

Herbal sauna

The milder sauna with 60° C is also perfectly suited for heat-sensitive guests. Taking this sauna is easier on the circulation, while herbal aromas make the session a particularly pleasant one.

Steam bath

The gentle alternative for those that find the heat in the classic sauna to intense. The mild warmth and particularly high humidity of up to 100% caters to the respiratory system and the skin in particular.

Brine steam bath

Already work up a sweat at low temperatures from 35 to 55° C. Finely dissolved sea salt brine is nebulised regularly, additional eucalyptus and mint extracts ensure free breathing.

Infrared cabin

Enjoy circulation-friendly sweating from 30° C. Infrared rays deeply penetrate the muscles heat up and loosen them. Lymph, metabolism and circulation are stimulated gently.


Refresh between sauna sessions in the ice grotto with ice waterfall, while treading water in the Kneipp course and in the fresh air area. Effectively train your circulation and immune system this way.

Spa with fitness room in Lech

Work out with top equipment by Techno Gym

Looking for an effective occasional workout, daily endurance training or a session of ski gymnastics? Boost your power and endurance with the aid of modern equipment by the renowned Techno Gym brand in the Auriga fitness room. Computer-supported running training, simulated mountain and valley courses, and automated pulse monitoring make training fun.

Comfort and medicinal massages

Get more cheerful with spa treatments

Whether feet and calves are burning after skiing, the small of the back hurts again or you simply want to fully relax, the wide selection of classic and medicinal massages and spa treatments at the Auriga spa limbers you up for every single day of your Arlberg holiday and beyond.