Hotel Auriga – home of the ARTWALK

Sculpture art in Lech am Arlberg

Only the best is good enough at Hotel Auriga. Hospitality, ambiance and culinary delights thrill sophisticated guests from all over the world. If enjoying the good things in life is a great joy, sensing the better things is even greater – and in art only the best is good enough. This thought comes from none less than Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and exactly captures the intention behind ARTWALK.

The seven monumental STAHL.H.ART sculptures at Hotel Auriga in Lech are among the most sensational that contemporary art on the mountain has to offer. Hotelier Ingo Strolz and artist Gabriele Brunner gradually developed the ideas for sculptures whose plurality of meanings are revealed individually to each viewer. Savoir vivre and performing arts come together on the ARTWALK in Lech.

The 7 sculptures of the ARTWALK

Art as food for thought

The sculptures by Gabriele Brunner are much more than mere decoration of the alpine scenery. They are meaningful, they narrate experience and inspire associations in the viewer, with multidimensionality that confirms the high artistic quality of the works. The seven STAHL.H.ART sculptures are moving, pose the questions of our time as well as the central questions in the life of every individual.

Feel a real temporal and spatial separation from everyday during a winter holiday in Lech am Arlberg. Space and time are available here to confront one’s own desires and goals. On the ARTWALK, the viewer can face the obstacles and cracks in order to gain satisfaction and healing.

“Art only becomes interesting when we’re standing on front of something we cannot completely explain.”
Christoph Schlingensief

Hotelier and initiator Ingo Strolz

ARTWALK – a project close to his heart

How did Ingo Strolz come up with the idea of creating a sculpture path at Hotel Auriga in Lech? On the one hand, the first-class hotel in Lech is a place for an exalted way of life including engaging oneself in art. On the other hand, Ingo Strolz was prepared to articulate his very personal experiences and enquiries during the development of the ideas for the individual sculptures, and to perceive their meta-levels.

Ingo Strolz didn’t just find an exceptionally gifted artist in Gabriele Brunner, but also a conversational partner and soulmate who is equally engaged in the big questions of life and our planet. As such, the ARTWALK is equally an expression of both the creative will and inner workings. Let yourself be inspired.