Massages at the spa hotel Auriga in Lech

Relaxation for body and mind

Massages on holiday are like timeouts you should treat yourself to. Touching hands, warmth, pleasant fragrances and sounds take you to a place of well-being for the duration of your spa treatment. Choose from the multifaceted offer of classic and medicinal massages plus enjoyment treatments at the Auriga spa. A foot and leg massage can work wonders after a sportive day of skiing on the Arlberg. Please make your massage appointments at reception!

Classic partial body massage

Decide yourself which group of muscles you’d like to have massaged with these massage treatments. Classic massage techniques relax the muscles quickly. Tensions in the neck and back area are loosened. Enjoy this pleasant treatment with effect that lasts long after the treatment.

Duration 25 minutes

Classic full body massage

Your entire body is spoiled intensely and your mind touched at an emotional level during this massage. This head-to-toe massage increases your health and well-being. It loosens tensions and blockages, gives energy and great spirits. In addition, the in- creased blood flow makes your skin tender and rosy. Just let go!

Duration 50 minutes

Après ski massage

This special massage loosens the vertebrae with purposeful shaking. It is a very powerful and rhythmic massage with many select points of friction. Stretching techniques increase blood ow to the muscles, counteracting cramps that can arise during sport. The perfect massage for your skiing days!

Duration 50 minutes

Foot and leg massage

The ceremony starts with a fragrant herbal footbath. After- wards, the feet and lower legs are peeled up to the knees and massaged with warm oil. The subsequent care rounds o the treatments. This massage is a particular pleasure after an intensive day of skiing on the Arlberg and makes for fresh, relaxed legs by the next morning.

Duration 50 minutes


This massage treatment is based on the theory that organs, muscles and bones correlate with our feet by reflex tracts. The masseuse starts at the reflex zones with her fingers, massages and presses them to create stimuli, which have a positive effect on the corresponding organ stimulating self-healing powers.

Duration 25 or 50 minutes

Combined massage

The connection of a classic back massage and reflexology is particularly popular and effective. On the one hand, the muscles are directly massaged and supplied with blood, on the other hand, the connection between organs, muscles and bones to the feet triggers strong stimuli that have a positive effect on blood ow and the metabolism.

Duration 50 minutes

Aroma relaxation massage

Look forward to an experience for body and mind! First select the fragrance you want to be massaged with, as every person connects special emotions and perceptions with different smells. The precious active components of the oil are absorbed by the skin with flowing massage movements supporting the relaxing effect

Duration 50 minutes

Lomi Lomi Nui

This massage is an intensive form of bodywork. It originates from the traditional art of healing on Hawaii. The entire body is massaged on an oiled lounger. Rhythmic and slow massaging techniques alternate. Lomi Lomi Nui helps reduce stress blockages and tensions, balances body energies and fosters self-healing processes.

Duration 75 minutes

Alpine stone massage

During the alpine stone massage, the body is massaged with hot stones and oils. The heated-up stones are also applied to different chakras – energy centres – during this treatment. This has a calming and balancing effect furthermore stimulating the energy exchange. A slightly different spa treatment with the power of the mountains!

Duration 50 minutes

Relaxing head massage

This treatment targets your head, shoulder and neck area. Gentle loosening and stretching of the neck and chest muscles resolves everyday stress in no time! A relaxing sensation beyond compare arises, accompanying you during your holiday and beyond it – even when it’s back to mental work.

Duration 50 minutes

Fascia massage

This application detects and treats disorders frequently seated deeply inside the connective tissue. Manual pressure stimulation loosens agglutinations or knots of the fascia inside the body while noticeably alleviating muscle and joint afflictions. Treating the deep tissue is characteristic for this intense massage.

Duration 25 minutes

Facial harmony

Stress and unpleasant experiences leave their mark on the face. Energy and lust for life are blocked. Facial harmony gently dissolves physical, mental and emotional tensions, allows energy to ow freely again and promotes holistic well-being. Rejuvenation at a cellular level creates a fresh appearance and glowing eyes.

Duration 1.5 hours 

APM massage

The meridians and acupressure points form the body’s own energy management system, are activated during this massage with the aid of a small rod. Blockages are released and the self-healing powers are stimulated. All functional disorders can be treated in this way, such as fatigue and stress, poor concentration and pain.

Duration 25 minutes