Choice wines on holiday at the Arlberg

Gems from the Auriga wine cellars

Yes, you’ve read that correctly. There are three wine cellars at Hotel Auriga in Lech in which your host and wine connoisseur Ingo Strolz watches over his wines like gems. International world-renowned wines, sought-after rarities and, of course, many Austrian first-class wines are stored in the vault offering best conditions for fine wines. Wine collector Ingo Strolz’s biggest love is for wines from Bordeaux and Burgundy, which is why an impressive number of bottles from well-known châteaux reflects the best quality of famous French sites. Aficionados of Italian and Austrian wines also find what they’re looking for on the decidedly extensive wine menu of Hotel Auriga. Your host gladly assists you personally in choosing a fitting wine in the restaurant. Santé!

International world-renowned wines

Wine tastings at Hotel Auriga

You can get to know the exquisite wines stored in the wine cellars of Hotel Auriga in Lech during a wine tasting with host Ingo Strolz. Just make an appointment.

Being a guest at Hotel Auriga you don’t have to abide by specifications or merely sample what is put in front of you. Make an appointment with Ingo Strolz for your individual wine tasting. You also determine the budget. Wine expert Strolz prepares a personally compiled selection of wines from his wine cellar. Look forward to interesting information and entertaining details about every wine and learn more about the vineyards and their peculiarities.

Exclusive wine cellar at the Hotel Auriga
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Best temperatured wines and drinks at the bar
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Bordeaux wines in the Auriga wine cellar
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A lot of great wines to taste at the Hotel Auriga
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Fine wine in delicate glasses

Perfect wine consumption for experts and aficionados

Wine expert Ingo Strolz relies on glasses stemming from the highest level of craftsmanship art when serving select wines. On hand-blown, perfect and delicate entities groomed attentively. The glass factory Riedel has been manufacturing wine glasses and decanters presenting the character of the wine ideally since 1756. Champagne, light white wine or strong red wine – the adequate shape and thin glass plus the smoothed edge facilitate a unique drinking experience.

Fine tastes of the high quality wines


The pleasant smell or fragrance of the wine that only deploys in a suitable glass is called a precious, tender or fine nose. The frequently used term bouquet also refers to the impression the smell leaves.

Exclusive wine tastings at the Hotel Auriga


Term for sampling wine. The wine is initially examined visually to notice its taste. Smelling it determines the nose. Finally, drinking it evaluates the taste and character.

High quality wine at the Hotel Auriga


Pouring the wine into a decanter to separate it from its depot. Old French red wines in particular tend to form depots, which does not constitute a deterioration of quality.eurteilt.

Finest Bordeaux wines in the Auriga wine cellar


Large bottle of 4.5 or 5 litres for the bottling of Bordeaux. Burgundy is also traded in the 6-litre bottle Methuselah and, rarer, the 9-litre Salmanazar and the 12-litre Balthazar.

Wine cellar at the Hotel Auriga


Wine should be stored at even temperature, best between 12 and 17° C. Wine fridges with different temperature zones are ideal alternatives.

Best trained staff at the Hotel Auriga


The French term for a perfectly skilled wine steward trained in a school for sommeliers. He consults guests on choosing wines that go along perfectly with the meal.