Massages at the spa hotel Auriga in Lech

Relaxation for body and mind

Massages on holiday are like timeouts you should treat yourself to. Touching hands, warmth, pleasant fragrances and sounds take you to a place of well-being for the duration of your spa treatment. Choose from the multifaceted offer of classic and medicinal massages plus enjoyment treatments at the Auriga spa. A foot and leg massage can work wonders after a sportive day of skiing on the Arlberg. Please make your massage appointments at reception!

Classic, Swedish massage

The classic (full or partial) Swedish massage relieves general muscle tension. With the help of various massaging techniques, the muscles and soft tissues are relaxed and the blood circulation is boosted. The classic massage is, as the name suggests, the “classic” of massages and is a guarantor of well-being.

Duration 60 minutes

Lymphatic drainage massage

The manual lymphatic drainage massage activates the entire lymphatic system and influences the lymphatic flow in the body. This treatment promotes the general regeneration of the body and strengthens the immune system. Initially, the lymphatic drainage massage was used for the treatment of various edemas and pathologies; nowadays, this treatment is used also very successfully for complaints related to e.g. Indigestion, stress and aesthetic-cosmetic indications.

Duration 25 or 60 minutes

Physical therapy session

Specific treatment of the joints, spine, muscles, tendons or ligaments can reduce pain or immobility significantly. Another very important pillar of modern physiotherapy is exercise therapy and functional training. There are many scientific studies showing that exercise and targeted training are the only permanent solution to musculoskeletal disorders and -related pain. Through a combination of mobilization, targeted training and patient education, physiotherapy is a very valuable form of therapy that can eliminate both acute and future musculoskeletal disorders.

Duration 50 minutes

Fascia treatment

Through active and passive “fascia release techniques” according to the American “Anatomy Trains” principle, the treatment reduces the myofascial tension, thereby relieving the pain and promoting the mobilization of the structures. Another method to loosen the fascia is the “FAT tool”, a physiotherapeutic instrument that manually loosens the tissue.

Duration 25 minutes

Connective tissue massage

The connective-tissue-massage attempts to release tensions and adhesions in the connective tissue. The connective tissue massage is often booked as a supplement to the classic massage or lymphatic drainage to optimally circulate and strengthen not only muscles, but also skin and connective tissue. During the connective tissue massage special massage techniques are applied, as well as silicone massage cups to achieve optimal effects.

Duration 25-60 minutes

Foot massage / Reflexology

“The feet reflect and mirror the image of the whole person: physically and mentally.” -Hanne Marquardt
The foot reflexology massage technique is applied after the foot is divided into special (reflex) zones that interact directly with specific body parts and organs. During the treatment, the therapist tries to positively influence disturbances and weak points by massaging the respective reflex zones.

Duration 25 minutes

“Blackroll” Mobilization session

A foam roller is a tool that nowadays belongs to the sports equipment of every sports person and every athlete. With the help of a Blackroll foamroller, our clients learn how to auto-mobilize and -massage their body (see fascia treatments). The therapist leads the client step by step through the processes of various “rolling techniques”. This type of self-massage and -mobilization can be used very effectively, especially with regard to injury prevention, as well as warm-up and regeneration before and after exercise.

Duration 15-20 minutes

Personal training / Sling training

With the help of the “Redcord” equipment, the musculoskeletal system can be functionally examined and trained with the help of slings and ropes. This means that during the testing and training, hands and feet hang in unstable rope loops. Through instability, the nerve endings in the muscles give the brain the signal to activate all available muscles in the body. In today’s everyday life there are hardly any complex movements that we carry out. As a result, only certain muscle groups in our body are needed. The inactivity of certain muscle groups can therefore lead to poor posture and pain. Through “Redcord” sling training, one can “adjust” the muscles and thereby build up total strength of all available muscles.

Duration 60 minutes

Functional training

Functional training focuses on injury prevention and improving performance. The training is set up specifically and individually, usually with body weight exercises to begin with. Over time, the level of training is increased with other aids (balls, slings, weights, etc.) to make the training more challenging. In contrast to conventional fitness training, strength, stability and mobility of the muscles are closely monitored, in order to make strengthen the body for everyday life and competition.

Duration 60 minutes

Rehabilitation after sports injuries

The treatment of acute sports injuries as well as the rehab after (skiing) accidents or surgical interventions is very important. The goal of any treatment plan is that sports activities can be resumed after the accident and the patient or athlete can continue all activities fully resilient and pain free. The treatment plan is always made by the physical therapist in consultation with the physician in charge. Communication between the specialists throughout a therapy process is key to success.

Duration 50 minutes

Medical Taping

With the help of Kinesio taping, various musculoskeletal disorders can be treated. The tapes, originally deriving from Japanese medicine, have not only become popular in elite sports, but also help relieve everyday complaints. The tape can be used to stabilize a joint, relax a muscle, treat scar tissue, or drain lymphatic fluid.

Duration 10 minutes

Movement- and postural analysis

Many of the common complaints and disorders of the musculoskeletal system derive from unilateral or incorrect movements or postures in everyday life and / or professional life. Simple tips and exercises can have a big effect on the body. Through a movement or postural analysis, the physical therapist can put together a simple and, above all, realistic exercise plan for at home or at work; therefore specific muscles are strengthened which will help to maintain a healthy posture. Success (and a pain free life) is guaranteed.

Duration 25 minutes

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

Musculoskeletal ultrasound imaging is used in physical therapy to visualize muscle activity, -disorders and –injuries. It is also used as an additional assessment tool. With ultrasound imaging, injured soft tissue structures can be visualized. Thanks to the ultrasound imaging, injuries can be classified and assessed quicker and thus a very precise treatment plan can be created. As a result, an injury can be treated more efficient and the patient is able to understand an injury better, thanks to the visual feedback of the ultrasound images.

Duration 25 minutes

Pregnancy massage, -training and Post Partum treatment

A pregnancy can be a happy but also exciting time. It is very important for an mother-to-be to be physically prepared for the upcoming delivery of the baby. The recovery post partum is just as important as the pregnancy itself. Thanks to lots of experience, our therapist can offer targeted therapeutic support during and after pregnancy. A treatment plan will be discussed with the midwife or gynaecologist in charge. Most of times, a combination of massages, taping and training is integrated into a treatment plan.

Duration 60 minutes