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Classy smokers’ room at Hotel Auriga

Smoker’s lounge for perfect enjoyment

Smokers aren’t banned to the outside at Hotel Auriga. Host Ingo Strolz has thought of something better and created a comfortable smoking room, the smoker’s lounge. The room is furnished with inviting seating furniture and wood modelled after the elegant and casual smoking salons in traditional grand hotels. The icing on the cake is the special, discreet ventilation technology ensuring constantly good air quality in the smoking room. Whether you’re smoking a cigarette or want to let your thoughts run free while enjoying a cigar or pipe, the smoker’s lounge is the place where tobacco consumption becomes an expression of a heightened way of life. Your smoke break is rounded off with a whiskey from the choice assortment of your first-class hotel at the Arlberg.

Join the pleasure of high quality tobacco
Join the pleasure of quality tobacco

Tobacco can be enjoyed in several ways: as cigars, cigarettes or snuff. But what is the difference? And who actually invented smoking tobacco?

Many thousands of years ago, in South America, someone had the idea of smoking tobacco leaves, probably as part of sacred rituals initially. The invigorating effect of nicotine and the spicy taste led to the spread of smoking in Europe after the discovery of America. Cigars rolled from tobacco leaves were popular until the start of the 20th century. Afterwards, the rise of cut tobacco in paper rolls as cigarettes began to soar. Snuff is still popular, particularly in Bavaria.


Tobacco leaves are harvested, dried and fermented. The so-called filler is wrapped and rolled with a binder. Cigars mostly come from Central and South American and the Caribbean.


The name is a diminutive of cigar. Fermented, dried and cut tobacco leaves are stuffed or rolled into a paper cover and endued with a filter.


One or several types of tobacco are finely ground. A dash is tapped onto the back of the hand from the snuffbox and inhaled through the nose. Aromas are frequently added to the tobacco.

Pipe tobacco

Several raw tobaccos are dried, pressed, roughed up or heated in a complex procedure. The addition of sugar or fruit aromas furthermore creates very special characteristics.


Usually a small wooden chest with a relative humidity of 68-75% stabilised by a humidifying unit to preserve the quality of cigars for as long as possible.

Cigar cutter

Each cigar has end on which it should be lit (foot) and a mouth end (cap). The foot is clipped with a special cutter as this is the only way for the cigar to burn down cleanly.

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